The Uses and Management of Culture by Kenya County Governments

County study CroppedThis briefing report by Gordon Omenya and Mark Lamont was launched at our final conference in Nairobi in May 2017 at the BIEA (British Institute in Eastern Africa).  The report is based on new research and examines how ‘culture’ is being used by county governments and other stakeholders in the context of devolution.  The aim is to produce a handbook that can be used by a wide variety of stakeholders.  The authors’ vision is to see this report used to strike up new conversations about the value of culture as an emergent social and political force in future decision making in the fields of community rights and development, tourism, environmental management, cultural heritage, material culture and the performing arts. We welcome feedback (see Contact Us).

Special Issue of the journal African Studies (77/2), June 2018  

This will be the project’s main written output, with a Foreword by Yash Pal Ghai. Guest edited by Lotte Hughes and Mark Lamont, it contains articles by team members and other invited contributors on cultural rights and constitutional change, largely but not exclusively confined to Kenya.

Deacon – Summary of A Comparative Review of Cultural Rights

This report, based on a desk study, compares and contrasts cultural rights provisions in the Constitution of Kenya with those in the constitutions of other countries.  It summarises a longer desk study by Harriet Deacon: ‘A Comparative Review of Cultural Rights Provisions in the Constitution of Kenya and Constitutions of Other Countries.’  We would be grateful for feedback on this report and especially information on how it has been used by readers and the organisations they work for (see Contact Us).

Cultural Rights in Critical Perspective: A Socio-legal Conundrum
Report of a workshop held at the British Institute in Eastern Africa on 14 April 2015.

Storymoja Transcript Panel Discussion 20 September 2014

Transcript of our panel discussion on cultural rights at the Storymoja Festival, Nairobi. Chaired by Mshai Mwangola.

Deacon and Harrington-Traditional Knowledge and Culture Expressions Act 2016  Harriet Deacon and John Harrington’s response to the draft Traditional Knowledge and Culture Expressions Act 2016, published in The Star newspaper on 3 December 2016.

Akoth and Hughes-Cultural Rights a Work in Progress                                                           Article by Steve Ouma Akoth and Lotte Hughes, published in The Star newspaper on 28 November 2015.

UK Colloquium – Cultural Rights and Constitutional Change in Kenya: Progress and challenges

Roundtable in Belfast – Cultural Rights and Post-Conflict Transformation: Perspectives from Kenya and Northern Ireland