“Katiba Ni Yetu” – Celebrate, Uphold, Defend

Today we are excited to have another guest blog, this time from Diana Mukunu who Particpated in the Ni Yetu walk. A group of activists recently walked 350 km across Kenya to mark the 6th anniversary of the Katiba, talking about and promoting the constitution all the way.  They are passionately committed to improving knowledge about, and … Continue reading “Katiba Ni Yetu” – Celebrate, Uphold, Defend

Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference

We convened a panel at 'What does heritage change?' the ACHS Conference in Montreal earlier this month.  Zoe Cormack chaired the panel. Overall 800 people attended the conference which was well organised and informative.  The sessions were predominantly focused on European and American heritage.  Reflecting the dominance of the global north in the field.  This emphasizes … Continue reading Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference

Cultural Appropriation: further thoughts.

Angela Kabiru wished to follow up her earlier blog on cultural appropriation so here she is again.  Angela is a researcher at National Museums Kenya, she has a particular interest in landscape archaeology, prehistoric beads and cultural tourism.  She writes: Cambridge is at it again. A few months after the cancellation of Pembroke College’s ‘Around The World … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation: further thoughts.

Alternative Justice Systems and the katiba: Judge Ngugi’s keynote

On the 20th of April we held a workshop on Cultural Rights in Action: from global policy to local practice at the BIEA, Nairobi.  The workshop offered our researchers the chance to tell our Kenyan contacts and colleagues about the work they’ve been doing. It also gave us the chance to hear what they think … Continue reading Alternative Justice Systems and the katiba: Judge Ngugi’s keynote