Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference

We convened a panel at ‘What does heritage change?’ the ACHS Conference in Montreal earlier this month.  Zoe Cormack chaired the panel. Overall 800 people attended the conference which was well organised and informative.  The sessions were predominantly focused on European and American heritage.  Reflecting the dominance of the global north in the field.  This emphasizes the importance of the work we do and the perspective we bring.  We were particularly pleased, in this context, that 50% of our speakers had come from African universities. Our session was well attended and the papers were strong (topics and speakers are listed below), Harriet Deacon acted as respondent and provided an excellent summary of the papers, teasing out common themes.

Image Credit: Matthias Shulze

Caption: Tessa Pijnaker and Zoe Cormack, the panel has lunch together, getting ready for the panel, Steve Akoth giving his paper.


The (Re)Presentation of “Fantasy”: African Heritage and Middle-Class Formation in Accra, GhanaTessa Pijnaker (University of Amsterdan)

Unless They Value our Invisibles, Their Visible Will Never Be Safe: Linking Spirits, Monumental Ruins and Baobab Trees of the Swahili Coast in Tanzania, Dr. Elgidius Ichumbaki (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Heritage as Dispossession: A Critical Legal Ethnography of the Postcolony. A South African Case Study, Mr Sadiq Toffa (University of Cape Town)

Moving History and History in the Making: A Contrasting Comparison on Heritage and Memory Culture in Southern Africa, Mr Matthias Schulze M.A.

Promoting Pastoralist Heritage to Protect Communal Land Rights in Northern Kenya Dr Zoe Cormack (The Open University)

Community Land Legislation: An Opportunity for Balance between Ethnic and Territorial Citizenship in Kenya, Dr Steve Akoth (The Open University)


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