A Cultural Festival in Northern Kenya

Last month I attended the Kalacha Cultural Festival in Marsabit County. This annual festival was started three years ago by the Kivulini Trust. It aims to ‘bring together pastoralists, fisher folk, metal artisans, hunter gatherers and agricultural communities from the region to share and celebrate their cultural and natural heritage in order to promote cultural diversity, social harmony and sustainable development.’

Getting to the festival was an adventure in itself. Two days of driving brought us to the oasis town of Kalacha, on the edge of the Chalbi Desert in Marsabit County. A large part of the celebration of northern cultural heritage involved bringing together cultural groups from across the region to perform together. Here are some photographs of the performances.

cultural groups cultural groups   proud to be Burji Rendille friendsEl Molo dancers camel parade

Top left and right: Cultural groups gather together for the opening ceremony.

Centre left: ‘I’m proud to be Burji’: the Burji cultural group performance.

Centre right: Friends from the Rendille cultural group watch performances.

Bottom left: El Molo dancers from Loyingalani.

Bottom right: The camel parade.

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